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Sam Mason
Architectural Assistant at Make Architects
Leicester School of Architecture BA (hons)
Manchester School of Architecture MArch (Current)


Through the completion of design focused academic projects I have developed a passion for innovative design. Recent projects have reinforced my own belief in the importance of a design approach which not only fulfils the brief but creates architecture that brings a positive atmosphere to its urban context. 

Coming from an artistic background has assisted my ability to design and communicate ideas and concepts clearly through my drawings and models. I have developed a confidence in the use of physical model making as the key informer in the design process to explore different concepts from form to materiality. Combining this design led approach with knowledge of digital software such as AutoCAD and Rhino along with rendering programmes like Photoshop has allowed me to take my drawings to a higher level of detail and clarity. 

I am now looking forward to the challenge of applying the techniques learned in the academic studio to the professional practice. The prospect of engaging in live projects at various stages of development and seeing them through to physical builds will be an exciting opportunity.

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