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Autonomous House

Section A
'House it Hanging?'

The brief was to design an autonomous house that did not exceed an area of 15m squared that could be disassembled and reassembled and fit within the dimensions of a standard shipping container.

Rather than conforming to a typical box type structure I wanted to explore how something could be more creative and interesting and still complete the brief. The core theme throughout this idea is the concept of ‘suspension’ and ‘hanging’ with a strong emphasis on showcasing its own structural design.

A primary structure of Timber Glulam beams meets a secondary lightweight timber framework with an exterior cladding of translucent polycarbonate shingles exposing the construction beneath. The project is a showcase installation which explores the structural elements of suspension and how it can be paired with sustainable and autonomous housing.

The design aims to challenge the limits of what small autonomous house should be and sets an example of how design and structural technology can merge to create a more intriguing and engaging home experience.


Technical Section B
Technical Section B
Floor Plans
Ground Floor Plan 
Lower Floor Plan 
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