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Stockport, UK

“Knot on my Watch” is a set of structures that emote the sanctuaries vision. A steel structure threaded with ropes, reflects the warmth of the farms goals, as well as providing vistas of the surrounding landscape.


The journey starts with stairs and a chimney. Eco-tourists and students are invited to make horse dung bricks to be burned in the chimney. They then ascend the structure, following the pipes circulating water through the hot chimney, to the contained space (oculus) at the highest point, passively heated by horse biomass.

elevations copy.png

Along the journey to the top, visitors reach a mid-level viewing platform, presenting the immediate farm and the surrounding horses. Here offers the chance to see horses interacting with the structure. By utilising the top viewing deck surface, rainwater is collected and funnelled to ground level to fill a basin, sustainably sourcing drinking water and aiding the rare species revival.


Lower observation level

Further ascent leads to the highest deck at 21m, and oculus. This space is meant for viewing 360 panoramas of the Vidzeme Biosphere, all year round in comfort. A concrete bench filled with hot water pipes heated by the chimney below spreads warmth throughout, whilst floor seating and a large roof light allow star gazing and a place of rest. A copper slide then offers a speedy decent down to the ground, for those that don’t want to walk or take the lift.

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